I DO not know why I was so pleased when the Tories lost their majority in the local election.

My pleasure, of course, was very brief and unwarranted.

All we are left with is the inevitable fight for power and silly games about voting for no confidence.

With so many councillors now being independent, who exactly should we blame for the destruction of a once lovely town? Who exactly are they wanting to please? It certainly would not be the people that so loved Bournemouth town as it was.

The balloon was taken away for repair. The cost of returning this important fixture was apparently too much and could not be afforded. So some very bright spark thought “I know, let’s do something really different here and we’ll have crazy golf!”

The amount spent on the front is just a waste, totally unnecessary and ruinous.

Hey ho, it’s all just done on a whim, no planning needed.

I suppose it’s just too much to imagine any lessons would be learnt with the disastrous Imax.


Belvedere Road, Christchurch