LITTER is not a police matter. It is a community matter.

May I suggest that there are more litter bins in the neighbourhood and more collections during the peak holiday times.

Having lived in Sandbanks for two years, there are not enough litter bins between the main car park and the Haven Hotel.

The big bin at Midway Path is at the top at Banks Road. Visitors are not aware that it is there. During the summer holidays, the beach is used at all times of the day and night.

Fires are lit in the evening, barbecues go on in the evening. Music is played. Young people enjoy the water and the beach. This is as it should be.

I was part of an early morning litter picking group with my dog . This meant that we had to protect the dogs from still hot coals, sleepy teenagers and food, plastic and human litter early in the morning.

It is not any particular section of society that is to blame, it is just a collective disgrace.

We have a beautiful island. Just show some respect for it, please.

Susie Dean

St James Close, Poole