EVERY criticism of the Prime Minister’s handling of the Covid-19 pandemic, is made by people with the benefit of hindsight – a luxury not afforded the government, or governments anywhere for that matter. Even the WHO has had to revise and even reverse some of its initial recommendations.

Considering that Boris Johnson and his colleagues had only taken over the reins of power for a couple of months when the world was called upon to combat the gravest global crisis since the Second World War and the first pandemic in living memory, I think that the government has done a remarkable job.

No government anywhere had previous experience (or hindsight) to rely on – it has been like trying to find the way through a forest in stygian darkness.

It is easy for armchair critics to condemn others for their handling of situations – I wonder how well they would cope faced with having to tackle problems of the same magnitude?


Norwich Avenue West, Bournemouth