WHILE it’s great that Sir David Attenborough and rapper Dave “will lift spirits” with a Planet Earth TV special featuring animals overcoming adversity (Echo article August 3), we do need now to focus on salvage, cooperation and survival strategies to deal with accelerating climate breakdown.

The consequences of failing harvests need to be taken seriously.

Maps are being produced by Climate Central (a group of scientists and journalists) which show parts of Wales will be under water in 30 years. Yet BBC’s Countryfile tells us farming must move to Wales and the North as the South and East will suffer increasingly from droughts.

Instead of worrying about flip-flops on Bournemouth beach, surely the Prime Minister should be alerting us all to the need for allotments, repair cafes and self-sufficient community schemes.

Responding to my concern at BCP’s recent cabinet meeting over the local Conservatives’ anachronistic Budget Reset Paper, the portfolio holder for environment and climate change highlights the carbon costs of the air show and yet more road-building programmes.

Cllr Rice speaks of a “deep lack of professionalism”, suggesting that the authors of the report, who are not taking an evidence-based approach to climate change seriously, join in with the climate action working group on transportation “so that they are reassured and comfortable with the business, health and economic benefits of moving towards sustainable travel rather than continue to publicly support such risky behaviour that will cause enormous damage to local businesses, residents and future generations”.

A report from the New Weather Institute also warns we must stop adverts for polluting machines and focus on clean air as well as tackle rising emissions.


Parkwood Road, Southbourne