IT’S the same every year, the sun is out and people flock to the beach then at the end of the day the beach and car parks look like landfill.

The question is why? Do you ever see this happening on Spanish or Italian beaches, or any other beaches in Europe or the wider world?

Walking down the promenade at 9pm on Saturday I felt thoroughly ashamed at why people cannot simply use one of the huge bins that are literally 20 metres apart or simply take their rubbish home. It really was disgusting!

There seems to be zero effort or even attempt made to leave the beach clean. I can only put it down to a toxic selfishness running through British society.

People are saying we should stay at home and spend our money in the UK, but if this is the state of the UK I’ll be heading to the south of France next year for a lovely litter free holiday.


Stourcliffe Avenue, Southbourne