YET again the Lib Dem/Poole People leadership at BCP Council are pushing ahead with a significant road scheme without consulting residents or ward councillors.

This time the plan is to close the railway bridge on Whitecliff Road to traffic and make it for pedestrians and cyclists only. This will undoubtedly drive more traffic through Orchard and Twemlow Avenues as people will still want to use the route through Poole Park, and will also create delays elsewhere such as on Sandbanks Road.

Portfolio holder Andy Hadley wants to force people out of using their cars by making it difficult to drive anywhere – funnily enough, he’s a keen cyclist. And whilst many of us support the quest for more sustainable travel, such schemes on their own, without considering the wider impact or asking people their views, smacks once again of a cavalier and arrogant attitude.

The council will no doubt point out that 36 people identified this spot for cyclist/pedestrian use on the website – but how many hundreds will be inconvenienced by the increased traffic and delays that this will inevitably cause without giving thought to a more wide-ranging approach?


Gleneagles Avenue, Poole