TONY Penning (‘Not so democratic’, Letters, Daily Echo, July 25) is correct to point out that I did indeed use the words “(and If I’m honest, I almost hope)” that people would take to the streets in protest over the MPs who supported the Oliver Letwin amendment during last year's Brexit debates.

However that was far from exhorting people to do so.

At the time of writing that letter I was extremely angry and those words were written in much the same way that most of us, at some time in our lives, will have used phrases such as “I’m so angry, I could kill him” or “If you do that again, I’ll murder you” – without any real intention of doing so.

But as far as his assertion that I am “in some sort of considerable denial” - poppycock!

Those in real denial are the people who still have not accepted the result of the referendum.

But, well done Mr Penning for pointing out my “error” - I am suitably chastened.


Norwich Avenue West, Bournemouth