I AM writing to question the closing of Keyhole Bridge, Whitecliff Road, for vehicles.

I often cycle or walk through this tunnel and find that on the whole traffic is considerate and patient when approaching the tunnel, allowing ample time for cyclists and walkers to pass through. The only problem I have encountered is when the tunnel is flooded.

May I suggest that instead of closing the tunnel to vehicles, a dedicated cycle route is provided around Parkstone Bay from Whitecliff to the skateboard park adjacent to Catalina Drive, running parallel to the existing footpath.

This footpath can at certain times becomes very congested with pedestrians, dogs, children and cyclists.

During these times, the footpath can become hazardous for cyclists and although most dog owners are considerate, because dogs are not on leads, the dogs are liable to suddenly run across in front of cyclists. Unfortunately, this has led to accidents in the past.

Perhaps both the tunnel and the existing footpath could be assessed, before any action is taken, as to which poses the most risk for cyclists and pedestrians.


Austin Avenue, Poole