WHAT a surprise I had when reading about the Grove Hotel. First and foremost it’s a hotel for the terminally ill.

It is a wonderful hotel. My friend Margery used to come three times a year from the Midlands. I would meet her off the Manchester train and take her to her home from home. She loved the place to bits – a place where people cared for you. Over the years we both became part of the furniture. Margery had a very sad life, losing her first baby at six months old. Then she had Andrew and David. When she was very small, Derek, her husband, died.

She was my very dear friend. We were born two doors from each other and were friends till the day she died. It was a great privilege for me to speak at her memorial service. What a brave soul she was, after all the horrors of her early life.

I thank God for all the care she received at her Grove Hotel, especially the manager and all the staff for the wonderful care she received. I’m sure it will rise from the ashes to care again.


Winton Salvation Army

Belvedere Road, Bournemouth