AFTER reading reports that 16 Conservatives have received funds from Russian sources, I wonder what the right wing press would be saying right now if Corbyn had won the election and members of his government were found to have done this?

The Sun, the Express, the Daily Mail would be calling for him to be thrown in jail, at the very least!

In the light of news like this – and the shockingly inept handling of the pandemic by this government, resulting in the UK having one of the highest death tolls in the world – I hope at least some of the people who voted for Johnson are regretting doing so now.

At the time of the election, the press were often telling us how dangerous Corbyn was and – while I thought Johnson was dangerous in a different way – I didn’t realise just how dangerous he would prove to be to the health and democracy of our nation. I hope that when it’s election time again, people remember what has happened here.


Hewitt Road Poole