WHILST noting over the years Robert Readman’s letters in the Echo are if nothing robustly uncompromising, I was all the same taken back to read such a vehement letter attacking Jeff Williams’ observations in his ‘Defence of the BBC’ letter, July 16.

To quote Mr Readman: “I defy him (Jeff Williams) to find any instance where I have advocated people taking to the streets in “violent” protest “to vent their fury and wreak the kind of havoc we have seen in Paris and Barcelona”.

Extraordinary Mr Readman throws out this challenge when it is his words from his own letter, 'Spitting blood', October 21 2019 : “The patience of the people is exhausted and I would not be surprised (and If I am honest, I almost hope) that millions will take to the streets to vent their fury and wreak the kind of havoc that has been seen in Paris and Barcelona recently”.

I do not see how that could be more self-condemning. His very own words yet astonishingly he “defies” others to cite the instance where he has said this.

You can only assume Mr Readman is in some sort of considerable denial. For my money the going rate for so many Brexiteers. And all the more deplorable with such an aggressive attack.

And at the heart of it all the blatant contradictions. Mr Readman cheers on democracy time and again, reminding us all, time and again, the Leave campaign won the 2016 referendum. But anyone opposes his views and from Mr Readman its all “take to the streets”, “direct action”, “vent fury and wreak havoc”.

Hardly a democratic mindset.


Surrey Road, Poole