FEW decisions affect all people equally. However, to argue that the cycle lane at Evening Hill is about favouring cyclists over water sports enthusiasts and motorists is to miss the point. The protected cycle lane is fundamentally about safety.

Cyclists can now ride up the hill safely without pressure from impatient drivers behind and without fear of car doors being opened unexpectedly.

Pedestrians can walk safely along the pavement to reach the viewpoint/ picnic spot without having to negotiate their way past those cyclists who used to move onto the pavement to “feel safe”.

Motorists can move more freely and more safely without hesitating about whether to perform potentially hazardous manoeuvres to overtake wobbly cyclists.

Safety should come first. This is not about favouring cyclists over other groups. It is about keeping cyclists, pedestrians and motorists safe. And just about all of us fall into one of these groups – including those of us who enjoy water sports or who can’t walk quite as far as we once used to!


Sandbanks Road, Poole