WHY is the Undercliff car park still closed?

I have used the beach there for the last two days, and it is almost empty. Everyone there mostly in ones and twos and at least 10 metres apart.

The experts say people in the fresh air have almost no risk of catching the virus, as the half a million on the beach earlier showed, no massive spike. The promenade at the car park end is also quiet, with people keeping well apart.

On approaching Bournemouth Pier it's every man for themselves, with groups of up to 15 people on the sand and the promenade packed, no social distancing here then!

Surely the closing of the car park to beach hut owners and the disabled is pointless, as all the crowds are around the pier beaches.

Also why have all the seats been removed from the Sovereign Centre, and Castlepoint? We oldies still need seats when we shop.


Howeth Road, Bournemouth