RIGHT from the start of the pandemic the phrase “Save the NHS” has rung true in our ears.

Now we are beginning to move to somewhere near normality, one is left wondering when the NHS will start to catch up on normal operations and outpatient appointments.

Many people are suffering in their own way waiting for minor ops such as cataract removal, hip joints replacing, knee joint replacements, and too many others to mention.

This is in addition to full dental treatment not being available as well as GP surgeries restricting face-to-face appointments.

We are all left wondering what plans nationally and locally are made to catch up on appointments and treatment.

Everything seems to have been put on hold whilst dealing with the virus. The time must soon come when hospitals and GP surgeries and dentists are able to deal with illnesses and appointments whilst at the same time dealing with the complications that the virus poses.

Supermarkets have coped extremely well from day one, now we are beginning to see restaurants and pubs coping as well, hairdressers to are managing their premises so as to cope with demand.

We must hope that soon hospitals, GP surgeries and dentist will follow suit and start seeing patients whilst at the same time living with the problems that the virus brings.


Harkwood Drive, Hamworthy