SLEEPING lambs of England: is it just me or has this cabinet, led by the PM, got away with sending tens of thousands of young and elderly adults plus some children, needlessly to an early grave?

The pending storm was clearly visible on the radar with sufficient warning to make preparations for impact. With all borders wide open and no decisive health strategy implemented, the consequences were inevitable and unforgivably the cabinet knew exactly how vulnerable we were.

Exercise Cygnus, a government simulation of a flu outbreak, was taken in 2016, specifically to assess the UK’s pandemic readiness. It involved 950 officials from central and local government, NHS organisations, prisons and local emergency response planners.

A report on the exercise was compiled in 2017 and distributed among its participants. This might explain why the “Dr Harold Shipman law” was swiftly relaxed in March to speed through death registrations by the NHS and which as yet still not been reinstated. Also why the NHS swiftly discharged so many patients from hospitals into social care facilities without testing for Covid-19, resulting in such devastating consequences.

Where is the accountability of this cabinet’s woeful failure of responsibility to protect the vast majority of those deceased innocent citizens?

Their lies, deception and false data to the public will surely and inevitably be exposed. Possibly over these last six months, those of us lucky enough not to have been directly impacted by this ferocious viral invasion, have become numb and accepting of the outcome and just want to move on now?

Maybe when a top screenwriter makes a film about this global catastrophe, exposing its full horror, everyone’s eyes and minds will be jolted open again and a dam of tears will burst – and then, hopefully, the inquisition of all those responsible will begin.


Canford Road, Poole