I HAVE been reading the national magazine of the Rotary organisation and see an article about how many Rotary Clubs supporting an international charity called Toilet Twinning; devoted to providing toilets in deprived areas of developing countries.

It writes about the health issues, particularly amongst young and old, and the improvement in hygiene and self-respect that are the result of installing private and community facilities.

From what I read it appears to be a cause worth supporting but I cannot but draw comparisons with our local authorities who seem to be so keen about withdrawing these similar facilities from our own citizens.

The Echo has effectively reported the hazards of the current crowds on beaches but the health risks from lack of toilet facilities must be as real as the close proximity of beachgoers in this pandemic. Even without our current crisis some of our towns are becoming “no-go” areas for the elderly as much as if they built a wall around them.


Lancaster Drive, Verwood