I WOULD like to express my sympathy to all the local residents and council staff in Bournemouth in the aftermath of last week’s shocking scenes and those people’s selfish behaviour descending on Bournemouth beach.

I am sure your readers saw the poor excuse by the environment secretary George Eustice on BBC breakfast by blaming the hot weather. He also said people where keeping two meters apart when the reality showed otherwise.

I was so aghast that I sent an email to his office wondering why he never said via the media to ask people at least to take home their own rubbish.

I have myself cleaned up other people’s rubbish and if any readers are enraged like me, especially when I would never dream of leaving my rubbish on a beach or driving all these miles in the midst of a pandemic.

Please write to the environment secretary and your MP if it will make any difference at all.


Parmelia Court, Perth, UK