THOSE images of Bournemouth’s beaches packed to the gills with tens of thousands of morons displaying complete disregard, even contempt, for ‘social distancing’ advice, were nothing less than shocking.

It is almost inevitable, given what has been seen elsewhere (the Cheltenham Festival and Djokovic’s Adria tennis tournament, for example) that some of those ‘lemmings’ who flocked to the beaches will pay for their day out at the seaside with their lives

By the end of Wednesday the sea must have been like a Covid soup!

If this kind of lunatic behaviour continues ,the government will be forced to reintroduce draconian lockdown measures – and the first people to howl in protest will be the irresponsible, brainless, selfish fools whose actions made it necessary.

Disgusted, sickened, appalled and very, very angry!


Norwich Avenue West, Bournemouth