YOUR correspondent JN Gaskin (June 23) responds to “Black Lives Matter” with the phrase “All lives matter” then proclaims that they are not racist.

This phrase is being bandied about as a response to BLM. It is highly charged and people don’t seem to understand its impact or meaning.

Suppose I went to my doctor and said “My leg hurts”. If the doctor replied with “Well, no-one’s leg should hurt”, that would be a complete dismissal of my complaint and very disrespectful.

If we lived in a world where there was no racism, “All lives matter” would be true. But we don’t.

Our BAME countrymen suffer not just in law, education and employment but from verbal and physical abuse.

To respond to a demand for the end of racism by dismissing it is itself racism.

I’m shocked that the Echo gives platform to these comments.


Cowper Road, Bournemouth