I HAVE to clear up some points arising from Saturday’s story about the problem that arose with a memorial seat in Upton.

Firstly, it has nothing to do with Turlin Moor recreation ground, it’s at Lytchett Bay View which is a site of Nature Conservation Interest and, we hope, soon to be a Local Nature Reserve.

It’s a beautiful spot, and we work very hard to keep it safe and in good condition. When the viewing mound was built, the town council spent a lot of time thinking about the design and decided that, because it’s a small space and – sadly – has a history of vandalism, it would be best not to include any seating on the viewing mound itself. There is seating nearby on the path.

Mr Heron’s death is tragic and of course we sympathise with Khalan and Kara and understand how much they want to have a remembrance of him. Now we know about the sad situation, we are in touch with their family in order to find a safe and secure way to commemorate him at Lytchett Bay View.


Mayor, Lytchett Minster and Upton Town Council