MY partner Jasmine and I had our baby born at Poole Hospital on June 3 at around 1.20am.

During the final weeks of her pregnancy, my fiancée has been in a tough place because she can’t see any family or friends, which made her very anxious and stressed. We both have learning problems too.

When she was due on May 25 there was no sign of the baby. On the Tuesday, June 2, Jasmine started having contractions so we rang up and she went to the hospital and had to go to the ward but because she wasn’t induced enough she had to go home. She got home and the pain got worse and worse.

We phoned the labour line and they were amazing. They took all the details they needed and we went down the hospital.

Because of Jasmine’s anxiety she was finding things so hard to start with but the midwife was so amazing and she started to calm down. When it came to main part of the labour the midwife was amazing with helping Jasmine and our baby. They helped her understand what she needed to do and it helped her to stay as calm as she can for everything to be done.

I would like to thank every midwife who helped us with the labour of our baby. You were amazing and you always go above and beyond your job to make sure everything goes according to plan.

Now Jasmine and I look forward to raising our little boy in a healthy way.


Herbert Avenue, Poole