IT is disgraceful that the council are playing fast and loose with public health, even more so during this coronavirus pandemic.

Reopening the beach and seafront car parks without opening all public toilets has led to all sorts of deeply unpleasant and dangerous calls of nature taking place behind beach huts, along the Chines, in the bushes and, sometimes, in the open. This has allowed people from outside the area to come to the coast with no account of what they will leave behind.

At least though, in accordance with “government guidelines”, the visitors are meant to return home and not stay overnight. However, this morning on West Overcliff Drive it was clear that many had spent the night in cars and vans and then had used the surrounding flora and fauna as some sort of en suite facility.

I have tried contacting BCP and Dorset Police via Twitter, with no response. It is a wholly unacceptable state of affairs and utterly irresponsible of the authorities to turn a blind eye to such a huge public health risk at an already very dangerous time.


West Cliff Road, Bournemouth