BY now most of us will have decided whether Dominic Cummings was entitled and morally correct to drive to Durham for anticipated childcare and moreover to a local beauty spot to check his eyesight with his four-year-old he maintains was his main concern.

But this whole episode goes beyond the detail of journeys. It strikes at the basis of trust in politicians. In a national crisis, we are expected to trust and place our well being in their hands, guided by their instruction. We, as a nation, stuck to the instructions which caused emotional and practical hardship, we therefore should expect those in positions of power to lead by example. No one person can be above the rules we have all abided by. No one, no matter the position they hold, is above the rules, they only think they are.

Therefore I would say the glasses our PM removed from his pocket must surely have rose tinted lenses, as he has become blind to the basics. He must listen to those he serves, that’s the great British people, and not any one individual, otherwise how can we place our trust in a leader who insults our intelligence with excuses whilst ignoring the opinion of the country whose people have suffered terrible losses and hardship?

I cannot see any hardship in being able to retreat to your parents’ country estate and visit a local beauty spot, no matter what the excuse.


Ridgefield Gardens, Christchurch