BRILLIANT letter from Robert Readman in the Echo (May 25) calling for the prompt resignation of Boris Johnson’s special adviser, Dominic Cummings, for epic breaching of stay-at-home lockdown regulations.

Mr Readman condemning Cummings as a “malign influence” and comparing him, in his position to Johnson, as the mad monk Rasputin to the Russian Czar.

Brilliant letter Robert, but I am a tad discombobulated.

This is one and the same Dominic Cummings, strategy director of Brexit Vote Leave, which you Robert have unreservedly supported for four years.

One and the same Cummings who coined the slogans “Take back control” and “Get our sovereignty back” – and then with Johnson promptly sought to close down (prorogue) the very parliament Brexiteers claim they want to liberate from the EU.

The same Cummings in double contempt of Parliament to this day, refusing to give evidence to a Parliament “fake news” committee, and then in further contempt to Parliament’s ethics committee.

The same Cummings who as Vote Leave strategy director spent a fortune streaming millions of EU maligning adverts spring 2016 into Facebook, and was then called to account by the Information Commissioner.

This all said I would have thought by now millions more in the country would have picked up that Cummings, along with the rest of the Brexit leading cabal (the purged Conservative Party) are a law unto themselves. They answer to no-one.

So well said Robert Readman. Spot on analogy - Cummings our Rasputin, the mad monk. If then you can square this with your passionate support for Cummings’ masterminded Brexit then do let us all know.

And in all this, most seriously, with 50,000 dead in the country from Covid (the real death figure) what does it all say about Johnson’s judgement?


Jubilee Road, Parkstone