I CAN’T help feeling sad about your headline “Council advise car parks are full, think twice about visiting.”

Of course the car parks are full. The council have closed so many down there is now not enough to support the needs of the residents let alone the visitors who are under the mistaken impression that Bournemouth is a seaside resort. It was, but it is not anymore, not now that the council has flogged off the car parks to property developers they are in open association with.

Apparently ‘conflict of interest’ is a bygone term. (No personal slight intended here but corporately, the council must be held to account.)

Think twice? Pity our councillors don’t follow their own advice and think twice before they destroy the infrastructure so essential for the town. With no shops and no access to beaches why should folk want to visit?

We are so early in the season and will soon be emerging from the the Covid lockdown. We need to recover economically and welcome visitors so what do the council broadcast? “Don’t visit, there is nothing here for you and we can’t cope.”

You couldn’t make it up!


Ferris Place, Bournemouth