WHY is BCP looking to borrow thousands, or could it be billions of £££s to build huge blocks of flats where the Winter Gardens Concert Hall used to be?

Why not redeem the promise made, was it 20 years ago, to build a concert hall to replace the Winter Gardens?

That promise seems to have been forgotten.

We don’t need any more flats, or office blocks either come to think of it. I thought BCP was short of funds so why borrow money to build more flats to stand empty?

If BCP feel they must build something – there is no concert hall in Bournemouth now and our world-famous Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra could come home to Bournemouth.

It could be a multi-purpose concert hall as the Winter Gardens used to be, where every kind of event could take place, including spill-over meetings if and when party conferences come our way again.


Elm Avenue, Christchurch