MY wife and I are both mature pensioners who have been in lockdown since the start of the coronavirus pandemic.

On Thursday evening we decided to venture down to Sandbanks by car.

Our intention was to stay in the car and just enjoy a change in scenery but we were amazed and shocked by what we saw.

It was if we were witnessing a typical bank holiday summer Sunday.

The main car park was practically full, all roadside parking was bumper to bumper.

The footpaths were busier than I have ever seen. People were gathered in large groups and gathering on every piece of available sand on the inner harbour.

In the 70 years I have lived in the area, I have never seen as many people gather and with absolutely no attempt at social distancing whatever.

It was very distressing to whiteness such selfish stupidity,

God only knows how and indeed if we will as a nation recover from this world pandemic. It just beggars belief.

Stupid? Selfish? You tell me!


Bear Cross Avenue, Bournemouth