OVER the last few weeks during the lockdown we have seen a huge upsurge of cyclists in the area. Many have been families with very young children cycling in the road which, with the lack of cars, has been fine.

The majority, I would think, have been entertaining their children in the fine weather, a pure leisure activity to occupy the children, and some exercise for the adults as well.

How many of these adult cyclists are going to be able to continue cycling or even walking to work? Many live some distance from where they work and neither walking nor cycling would be an option.

Have the council done a survey to find out how many will be leaving their cars at home in the future?

Please BCP before you start spending vast amounts of money on extra cycle facilities in and around the conurbation, make sure they are completely necessary.

The crossings round Tuckton roundabout were necessary, but far too elaborate, and the extra money spent could have been used on other projects, i.e. potholes and road markings.

Please remember this is our money you are spending, so please use it wisely so that our council tax need not be increased next year!


Springfield Avenue, Southbourne