I WHOLEHEARTEDLY agree with Tracey Wakeley that common courtesy seems to be completely disregarded by the majority of people during these difficult times.

Far too many presume that it is everybody else’s responsibility to avoid them and make no effort to avoid stepping into your path. However, in my experience, walkers are the worst culprits.

I’d like to think I am considerate when I go out for my regular runs. When I encounter pedestrians, if I can’t cross the road to avoid them, I’ll happily run in the road or hop into a driveway to give them plenty of space.

Whilst I don’t expect a bouquet of flowers for my trouble, a simple nod or thank you wouldn’t go amiss. But no, even they even make eye contact, there is no acknowledgement as they scuttle away.

We all need to share our outside space and if everyone took a little time to be considerate, we could all enjoy our time outdoors without any trouble at all. So yes, whilst there will be some runners who are selfish, there are an awful lot of pedestrians who are no better.

And cyclists on pavements should certainly be policed. There is no excuse whilst the roads are quiet.


Capstone Road, Bournemouth