DURING my cycle exercise today I observed a large increase (I cycle daily so I notice these things) in the number of people blatantly breaching the lockdown guidelines: a significant increase in the number of cars parked along or near the seafront between Southbourne and Canford Cliffs, many people actually sunbathing on the beach and in parks, children playing in the sea, shops open of the type that shouldn’t be trading yet, a group of seven teenagers out for group ride (and yesterday there was even a surfer in the water by Bournemouth Pier).

Why do I never see any enforcement happening these days, like was clearly noticeable at the start of lockdown ?

Non-government MPs and other ‘leaders’ have been asking for plans for backing out lockdown, saying we should trust the public.

I have never subscribed to that generous view of my fellow citizens because I believe once you suggest we will be opening up there is quite a proportion of the public that are selfish morons and will take that as being a signal that everything is okay and they can carry on as they wish straightaway - as seems apparent today!

Why don’t you and other media do your duty to publicise the absolute importance of maintaining lockdown guidelines ?

It should be a recurring leading news item otherwise because of the selfishness of these arrogant “ignorers” there will be unnecessary deaths and the lockdown will need to continue longer.

Please please start emphasising this and shaming the transgressors.


Balcombe Road, Poole