I SIMPLY wanted to write to the people of Bournemouth to say thank you and specifically Mike Stokes Tyre repairs in Bournemouth.

Let me explain. I live in Dorking, Surrey and my daughter Millie is a third year nursing student at Bournemouth University and has been drafted in to help at the hospital.

Recently, before her shift she got into her car and saw she had a flat tyre and no means to change it, and of course she rings her Dad at 6am!

I am, as I said, 100 miles away so I called a local tyre specialist, Mike Stokes, and told them my predicament and how useless I felt and guess what. Even though they are on minimum staff levels, they not only came out to her but fixed the puncture, checked her car over and didn’t charge her!

Life must be so difficult for small businesses in Bournemouth financially but that didn’t stop this wonderful act of kindness. So thank you to Mike Stokes and Guy for your generosity of spirit. Millie’s three years in Bournemouth have been filled with joy. I can clearly see why that is, so thank you Bournemouth.


Wheelers Lane, Betchworth, Surrey