In response to ‘What’s happened to our beautiful town?’ (Letters, December 6) where the writer berates coming across homeless people in Bournemouth and none in other major shopping venues, I would reply: You state you make your comments as a “hard-working NHS employee”. The vast majority of us all work hard for our money and to quote your employer as the NHS only exasperates the lack of charity and goodwill expressed especially at this time of year, a Christian celebration!

We are the fifth wealthiest nation in the world yet we have thousands of children living in poverty and a lack of sheltered accommodation for those who find themselves on the streets of our cities and towns.

Perhaps, if we all chose to buy one less unnecessary present to fulfill our overindulgence and spared some cash for those homeless on our streets, we would bring back the Christian message Christmas is supposed to be about. But we’re all, in the main, a little too selfish to even contemplate charity, and yes, to help your consciences you will quote those with a drink problem but many are there through no fault of their own and “but for the grace of God, there go I”.


Ridgefield Gardens, Christchurch