I WAS interested in your article “Display of works by Arnie’s sculptor” (December 5).

Your readers might be interested to know that my wife and I have indicated our willingness to commission an 8ft high, bronze statue of Frankenstein for displaying in Bournemouth. We are currently looking for a suitable location and have recently had discussions with a local sculptor, council officers and other interested parties. Hopefully we will be able to agree on a site soon.

The 1930s iconic Boris Karloff film version of the monster is copyright and we have applied to Universal Studios for permission to use it. Once we have agreed a location and on the future care of the statue, the next step will be to obtain planning permission from the council. We will then be in a position to place the commission.

DR RODNEY F COOPER, mayor of Bournemouth 2013/2014]

West Cliff Road, Bournemouth