THE terrible destruction of the rain forest etc as shown in Sir David Attenborough’s Seven Worlds, One Planet must enrage most people, but I wonder how many of them have had trees cut down in their own gardens, either because they cut out the sunlight or the leaves were a nuisance. Perhaps they've removed bushes and shrubs or that mass of ivy because they were making the garden look untidy. I expect they have spent a lot of money buying special plants to encourage pollinators, then spread slug pellets on the weed free soil.

These same people would have experienced the joy of seeing butterflies and moths flitting around but will quite happily destroy the caterpillars and larvae eating the plants. When the flowers start looking drab and untidy, they'll be cut down or pulled up, then with the fallen leaves and other garden waste put in the bins to be taken away. Among this debris will be hundreds of insect eggs, worms and small invertebrates.

At the depot it's added to other waste then heated to such a high degree that nothing can survive. Therefore a large amount of food that would have sustained other wildlife has been destroyed. I'm sorry; What was the question, I wasn't listening.!


Julyan Avenue, Poole