LIKE many local residents in Purbeck, I was delighted to see the news of the Sandbanks Ferry’s return and hope that this repair will last significantly longer than the last.

However, I also share the concern laid out by Robin Plowman over the consequent ending of the “express” service on the 50 bus route between Poole and Swanage, which will be missed by many residents in Swanage.

I hope that Morebus will consider creating a service on this route including a stop in Harman’s Cross to provide residents here with a more environmentally-friendly option for travelling to Poole.

I would also hope that Morebus might be willing to enhance this service further with a stop in Corfe Castle and at Wareham station to provide an extra connection for residents and tourists to these important local towns.

Another service I hope to see continued and expanded is the Durlston bus (route 5), which provided a welcome assistance for getting up the hill to Durlston Country Park and the start of many beautiful walks this summer.

Unfortunately this bus often seemed to be under-used with a significant proportion of the passengers being local residents using the bus to reach the shops in town rather than visitors visiting the country park itself.

However, this highlights a key opportunity for this bus, which could also be expanded from St George’s Car Park to provide a similar service for residents and visitors in North Swanage, Ulwell and/or Herston to reach the town centre, doctors’ surgery and pier.

In the summer, this bus could also be extended to provide a more environmentally-friendly option for visitors to Worth Matravers, including the Square and Compass, than the current drive.


High Street, Swanage