AFTER attending several BCP council meetings, I've come to the following conclusion: many members of the former Bournemouth Borough Council Conservative administration feel their world has been turned upside down and they just can't stand it.

In their behaviour both as committee members and on the full council, some councillors positively radiate an unpleasant mixture of arrogance and resentment. Holding the new administration to account is vital – there wasn't much 'holding to account' going on under the previous lot, honourable exceptions aside – but these members seem less interested in this than venting their own frustration at their loss of power.

Former council leader Beesley's self-absorbed and wheedling letter of October 2 is just another example of the kind of approach we can expect for the foreseeable future. Self-aware? No. Self-entitled? Definitely.

CONOR O’LUBY, Throop Road, Bournemouth