WE have traffic wardens. Why not beach litter wardens?

I am not in favour of a 'police state', but I believe it is time we investigate the possibility of litter wardens and to give them some authority to draw the public's attention to taking their litter home or providing them with re-cycled bags.

I am not in favour of supervision but some individuals require monitoring as there appears to be more awareness with regards to plastics, litter and not caring for our future. I am sure there would be many people who would volunteer, for example our students and active retired people.

Many years ago there were no traffic wardens, but look at it now. It does show that the public need some sort of supervision. Some weeks ago someone wrote in and said “It will take the community to look after the community”. I believe this statement is so true.

When we leave the EU we will have to demonstrate to the world we still are the nation our forefathers fought for.

DAVID FREEMONT, Richmond Park Road, Bournemouth