I AM writing to express my dismay, disappointment and disgust at the state of the public toilet at Baiter.

When I visited the loo, off of Catalina Drive on Sunday, July 21, at around 4.15pm, I was confronted by a very wet filthy floor. Going into one of the cubicles I noted that there was no loo paper! I therefore visited each of the cubicles in turn to discover they too had no paper. One cubicle was “out of order” and the floor of the loo closest to the door was flooded. Even that had no paper. This is a public lavatory!

What is going on? How can this be allowed to happen in “beautiful Poole”?

The sun was shining and the car parks were packed with cars and caravanettes . All paying parking fees, our council rates are high. Please someone get this situation under control. Many businesses rely on these visitors and these visitors often need to spend a penny and expect decent facilities.

I took photographs, I was so shocked and angry.

Visitors, using this facility, especially those with children are unlikely to come back to Poole. For those of us who love to walk along Baiter the sate of the lavatory is a deterrent. It was horrible, and I would argue, inexcusable.

VIOLET PHILLIPS, Royston Drive, Wimborne