I NOTICE the stream of complaints from authorities, council and police, with regard to jumping off Bournemouth pier, and off rocky outlets along Dorset coast.

No-one condones drunk jumping off a pier and only someone considerably lacking in common sense would think to jump off a rock, or any structure, not first checking out water depth.

But that said we should all take note the very last diving boards in Dorset are to be closed down when Dolphin swimming pool in Poole is bulldozed for housing.

I think it is a terrible tragedy. I do not know of any more exhilarating experience than diving into cool water. It is so invigorating. Children and young people love jumping and diving into water. It is absolutely natural and only the greater tragedy so many do not keep swimming and diving through their lifetimes.

So as long as authorities want to lecture young people jumping into the sea, they need to take note there is now no-where else in the entire county to dive and jump into water.

High time, as said time and again last year in so many Echo letters, council committed to a large swimming pool in central Bournemouth and one with diving boards. The council is currently talking about new plans for the BIC area. I very much hope a new pool, with diving boards, is on the list for consideration.

And keep in mind, diving is an Olympic sport – yet there is nowhere in the whole of Dorset where anyone can dive. What a dire state of affairs.

TONY PRYOR, Charminster Road, Charminster