READER Robert Redman complains that Prince Harry and Meghan are being undermined by an organised campaign orchestrated by royal flunkies because the couple refuse to be hidebound by outdated conventions (Letters, July 6).

Possibly it is not just royal flunkies who are fed up with Harry and Meghan's excessive desire for privacy, but also disgruntled taxpayers who are aware that they have had to stump up some £2.4 million to pay for improvements to the couple's grace and favour home, Frogmore Cottage.

Harry appears to have a large chip on his shoulder about the press and his privacy, perhaps exacerbated by the manner of his mother's death. But he should be aware that being a member of the royal family, with all the extensive privileges and entitlements that carries, also brings with it responsibilities to the wider public who are entitled to be informed about his and his wife's activities.

If Harry and Meghan don't like this view that they, at least in part, are public property, then they can always resign their royal status, become ordinary people and move to Basildon or Chipping Sodbury or some such place!

ROY STOCKDILL, Marina Drive, Lilliput