I CAN fully understand why Mr Faulkner’s (Letters, June 17) loyalty to the Conservative Party is being severely tested. The article on Boris Johnson (Daily Echo, June 20) is another illustration of why people have become disillusioned with them. Britain is facing a difficult and complex situation, i.e. Brexit. However, for me it is not Brexit that is the issue but one which the current election for a leader of the Conservative Party throws up.

The reality is that we are now in a political climate where expediency takes precedence over everything, including integrity. The only aim of both the major parties is to get power for themselves by winning an election.

In the case of the Conservative Party, Boris is the favourite purely because the party thinks he is the only one capable of winning an election for them. However, in doing so they have thrown both integrity and honesty to one side. Instead they are favouring a man who is known as a serial liar but will not admit it.

Apart from the £350million lie, he has been sacked by a newspaper for lying and yet continued to lie in his next newspaper column. He is a known philanderer who fails to respect women. He is an opportunist who changes his tune to suit the occasion. He made a big fuss when Gordon Brown replaced Tony Blair, arguing that it was undemocratic, yet he is prepared to stand in exactly the same circumstances. He then tried to wriggle out of that, arguing that circumstances are different these days. In short, he is not to be trusted.

Conor Burns is actually right to highlight the fact that the Conservative Party is electing a Prime Minister. However, I think the country deserves and needs a Prime Minister of integrity, high moral standards and one who can be trusted. It is a sad reflection on both the Conservative Party and Conor Burns that they are even considering that Boris Johnson is suitable for that role. Is it any wonder that the man in the street has little or no respect for or trust in our politicians?


Laidlaw Close, Poole