MR Stewart’s letter (June 18) is ample proof that, like another dynasty, the backers of Futile Dorset have learned nothing and have forgotten nothing.

It is completely incorrect to say that we who were opposed to the reorganisation had no plans. The county council had already planned for partnership working across the county. This, of which the establishment of Tricuro was just one example, had already produced many of the savings alleged to be due to reorganisation.

Secondly, opposition to the reorganisation was not based simply on economic grounds, shaky as those were. It was based on the “intangibles “, the unquantifiable costs, such as loss of control over our environment. These were thoroughly examined by Christchurch’s scrutiny committee and these factors were found to be almost entirely to the Borough’s disadvantage.

For example, the prospect of a gypsy and traveller camp being imposed on Christchurch was raised. It was derided by supporters of Future Dorset – only for a Poole councillor, inadvertently, to confirm our fears.

It is accepted that local government faces a difficult situation, but Future Dorset was never the best response. However, the deed has been done and the task now is to manage the consequences so as to minimise the damage. If at the same time the new Alliance can manage the affairs of the three towns more competently than the opposition – which is not a difficult ask – then that will be a bonus.

The Alliance has made a most encouraging start: I am sure it will continue to give the Three Towns competent, caring, efficient and economical government.

One final point. Christchurch Borough Council since March 2017 sought to reflect the wishes of its electorate, which is what democracy is supposed to be about. If there were any doubt about that, the fact that one of the chief architects of Future Dorset was rejected in what should have been the safest seat in Christchurch by a margin of 1,000 votes more than confirms the contempt in

which he and his colleagues are held by the people.

D C JONES, county councillor for the Burton Grange Division, Dorset County Council, 2009-2019, Mudeford