IN reply to Robert Readman’s letter titled ‘Time to fix roads’, in which he mentions the discomfort of bus travel.

I must agree with him that many roads in the conurbation are indeed in a very poor state of repair.

However, may I respectfully suggest that Robert takes a bus trip over to the Poole and Hamworthy area, where he will find that many of the main roads have indeed been resurfaced and what a difference it makes.

He could even enjoy a visit to both Poole and Hamworthy parks, which he would find are lovely places to be on a sunny day.

On a serious note one must hope that the good work of road resurfacing that has taken place in the Poole and Hamworthy area, will continue to be rolled out across the conurbation, under the auspices of the new BCP Council.

COLIN MOYES, Harkwood Drive, Hamworthy