I write regarding the Echo's latest attempt to discredit Cllr John Beesley.

The main article in Wednesday's edition is really just another rehash of what has been said before but there was rather a strange paragraph hidden in the paper that appeared to say Cllr Beesley is in fact innocent of all the accusations, but the concern is actually about harm the publicity is doing to the council's reputation.

As the Echo have been the main protagonist in circulating the accusations, doesn't this make the Echo the entity that is doing the harm?

Further reference was made to the ten councillors from Cllr Beesley's own Conservative party who called for an investigation, but these consist of several disgruntled at not being given a cabinet post and one who had previously been a lifelong member of the Labour party.

I doubt the Echo is doing nearly as much harm to Cllr Beesley as it hoped.

Although there are usually a high number of comments on the articles about him, they are really only from the same half dozen or so people who seem to use the opportunity for a discussion amongst themselves or to hurl insults at me.

I very much doubt whether Westbourne residents think any less of Cllr Beesley and I certainly don't think the Echo will have much influence, should the Conservatives retain their majority in May, on the way councillors will vote on the leadership.

Nancy Curtis

San Remo Towers

Sea Road Boscombe