ON bank holiday Saturday, my husband had a fall at home. He has multiple sclerosis and was unable to get himself up

I phoned 111 and they agreed to send an ambulance. Not long afterwards a wonderful gentleman called Chris Lamb arrived. He explained that he was not a paramedic but a very experienced first aider.

As Len was not injured, he had been asked to attend as he had first hand experience with Multiple Sclerosis as his wife had the condition

He was extremely thorough, checking Len over before using an amazing device that was able to get Len upright

He explained he was a volunteer and that they had to purchase their equipment themselves.

Chris had come from Wimborne on a hot sunny evening to help us. He explained he wanted to help the NHS and enjoyed helping people.

An ambulance also arrived and he was able to send them on their way as he had dealt with the situation.

A big thank you to this amazing man and to the NHS for sending him to our rescue.

We are so lucky to have people like Chris willing to volunteer their help.

Len and I are very grateful.

PAULA PELOSI, Devon Road, Poole