OUR NHS is a lost cause. Maybe back in the fifties, sixties or even eighties it was a good idea. Today it is not so. Our government want to raise taxes in order to further it.

Our NHS is being abused by so many, especially from those abroad. Overpaid management, so much wastage over high costs from plastic gloves to future computer technology. The whole thing is a sham.

If the UK idea of a National Health Service – 'free at the point of delivery', is so good, then why has nobody else around the globe also taken it on?

Both Germany and France run a far better health service. Much similar to our own where people pay in a monthly subscription from their wages. In Germany alone, it is far better where their State Lottery mostly subscribes to their local hospital rather than in UK, to some crazy plan.

These two countries also invest their money that goes entirely back towards their health scheme. In the UK, all tax and insurance payments go into one big pot that covers everything including police protection at royal weddings.

It's time to put an end to the NHS as we know it today and put the responsibility into more careful hands. Don't compare our NHS to the USA but instead use the example of France and Germany.


Wellington Road, Bournemouth