REGARDING Bournemouth congestion, a solution albeit a very expensive one is building an underground rail network.

Bournemouth was not built for the amount of cars and people there is.

We are a famous town that attracts millions of visitors and stayers every year. The university is well known around the world. The beach is too. It must be embarrassing knowing that people cannot even get around. LA has a bad reputation for public transport and we do too. Bus or car there’s no alternative. Well ,my proposal is an underground network.

For example I am a support worker and I do shift work. On one day I often work two hours in Kinson then an hour in Newtown then possibly four hours in Hamworthy. There is no other way to get to my jobs than a car as I live in Wallisdown.

Living in Wallisdown I am in close driving range to Kinson for example. But, there is one bus every half an hour that stops at 6pm so how am I going to get home from my shift in Kinson that ends at 8pm? Walk? Well, that’s a 55 minute walk and I know, I’ve done it before. So why not drive, an eight minute drive.

Do you see what I mean, buses here are good if you want to get to the town centre but that’s it.

Surely with an underground rail network, people will pop into these places due to convenience and ease. I can pop into Lloyd’s branch and back without driving and parking worries if there was an underground rail system, instead of waiting for a bus then waiting half an hour for the next one.

I’m sure the university expanding how it is will appreciate modern and futuristic public transport.


Mansel Close, Poole