I READ with incredulity, but not too much surprise, of the newly installed short cycle lane on Curzon Road, Bournemouth, which encourages cyclists to go the wrong way down a one-way street – this will be particularly dangerous at night, as cyclists rarely use lights or fluorescent clothes.

However, one should not be too amazed at the mentality of the traffic planners who implement such ‘improvements’.

The farcical Castle Lane changes two years ago, for instance.

Also, there is a very short cycle lane on the new layout at the Boundary Road roundabout where Gillet Road has been extended around the university.

This lane takes cyclists directly into the path of motorists, buses, lorries, etc, on Wallisdown Road encouraging the cyclist to ride up on the inside lane of traffic, something which of course is against the rules of the Highway Code which stipulates overtaking on the outside of traffic.

Planners also have a fixation with placing pedestrian crossings as close as possible to main junctions, thus causing traffic blocks back into roundabouts and other roads.

This is a deliberate policy of delaying motor traffic as much as possible and planners will not be content until all traffic in the conurbation is totally gridlocked and cyclists freely using the pavements to the detriment of pedestrians.


Drew Close, Poole