WAS the new layout at Chapel Gate designed by the same numpties who worked on the Iford Roundabout changes?

At Iford there was chaos until we witnessed the people's campaign in the Echo to get things changed.

Again we saw two lanes change into one for traffic heading into Castle Lane, and I often see cars heading for Pokesdown following the road markings and turning into the bus stop lane.

At Blackwater the same is to happen - two lanes turning into one as they turn right for Bournemouth.

And heaven knows what will happen at Iford.

Creating two lanes for a few yards solves nothing.

At Blackwater we need safety not meddling. We need the A338 from Ringwood reduced to one lane southbound, allowing the heavy traffic from Christchurch to join safely (as per the Richmond Hill eastbound underpass junction).

Do the planners actually drive themselves?


Conifer Close, Christchurch