BOSCOMBE station (Daily Echo, January 22) was an important part of Boscombe. Belbens fruit/veg merchants plus other businesses were in the area nearby, but also we could jump on a train at Pokesdown to our school nearby, Boscombe Secondary, instead of cycling through the park.

It was near to the hospital and not far from high street, plus on the doorstep of Dean Court (now Vitality Stadium). It would be a real asset for the football stadium, bringing away fans nearby without them having to make their way up Holdenhurst Road. It was a crime that it was closed in the first place and seeing as the rails are still there, surely the station can be reopened to serve the area around.

It could be reached by a slow train that stops at smaller stations. Thus also taking some traffic off the roads.

I do not think we use rail transport enough. As for accessibility especially for wheelchairs etc, as far as I can see the platform is on the flat, unlike Pokesdown where there is a mountain of steps to climb, so that is why Pokesdown needs the lift. Instead of taking away facilities and transport, we should be making use of it, especially as the roads are clogged with traffic more than ever. I believe it would be used regularly but of course trips from one station to another would not be like the old days costing two pennies!

Bournemouth needs to look after the whole of the area not just concentrate on Bournemouth centre, gardens and pier. Also if we are sadly going to join with Poole (sad because Bournemouth's name may be lost), the connections would be on the priority list.

STEPHANIE VINCENT, Tytherley Green, Bournemouth